Ralph Garcia (e-mail)

Radio Television, and Film, Bachelor of Arts Degree: 2006
Emphasis: Multimedia Design, Minor: Sociology
San Jose State University, San Jose, California

Dean's Scholar: San Jose State University, College of Humanities and the Arts 2006-2007

Work Experience
Co-Director/Editor, Que Huong Media - San Jose, CA: 2005
- Co-directed and filmed episodes of Real Talk TV, a talk show series about Asian-American youth culture.
- Edited and created motion graphics for episodes of Real Talk TV.

Editor, Cinequest - San Jose, CA: 2006
- Accompanied visiting filmmakers as they promoted their independent films in San Jose.
- Filmed and edited podcasts documenting filmmakers’ promotional campaigns.
- Filmed and edited episodes of two original podcast series: Petey Puppett and The F Word.

Instructor, Camp Cinequest - San Jose, CA: 2006
- Instructed young campgoers about the various types of microphones and their proper usage in film production.
- Assisted groups of campgoers in filming and editing their own original films.

Editor/Web Designer, SFour Productions - San Jose, CA: 2006-present
- Edited and designed original video and DVD content for company and client projects.
- Responsible for the design and maintenance of the company web site and web promotions.

Video Capture Technician at YesVideo, Inc., Santa Clara, CA: June 2008-present
- Digitizing video from various analog media sources while monitoring video and audio levels for quality.
- Troubleshooting video capture hardware and software.

Software Experience
- Video: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Studio
- Web: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash
- Other: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Encore, Pro Tools, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
- OS: Microsoft Windows 98/XP/Vista, Mac OS X Leopard

Skills and Interests
Web (HTML/CSS) and graphic design, audio production, non-linear video editing, building PCs.