walter talens . . .

Raised in San Francisco and inspired by movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Hong Kong action movies, Walter grew to love good action sequences along with the editing skills involved in such films. Originally entering California Polytechnic State University as a mechanical engineer, he enjoyed classes like Robotics/Mechatronics and Drafting but felt the urge to do something creative.

Eventually, he transitioned into industrial design at San Josť State University. There, he discovered the Radio, Television, and Film (RTVF) program, where he took several classes (Acting and Screenwriting) and realized his passion for filmmaking. His background in art and photography also assisted him in quickly understanding the lighting and compositional concepts of film.

Walter has since done several short films, public service announcements, music videos, and an independent feature film. He has been fortunate enough to meet fellow filmmakers with similar visions, eventually forming SFour Productions with the purpose of bringing this vision to life and sharing it with the world.